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5 Reasons Why You Should Date Your Best Friend

There comes a time when you feel dread and terror once you realize that the emotion you associate with your guy best friend is no longer just friendship. Over the course of time, you eventually find yourself liking your best friend one way or another. Who wouldn’t? However, that fear comes from the knowledge of risking your long established friendship for something more. Should you try to risk it? What’s so great about being in a relationship with your best friend?

He Knows Every Bit About You

Several years of friendship has forged a very special bond between you two. Whether its an order that you’re about to get in a fast food restaurant or your favorite color and brand of nail polish, he already knows all about it. Things like these become instinctive that you don’t even need words to convey each other’s wants and needs. This connection that seems like a lower form of telepathy is what makes a best friend a great kind of boyfriend.

He Understands You Best

Patience is the key in any relationship and that’s what great about having your best friend as your boyfriend. Because of how long you’ve known each other, he grows to become the person to understand you best. During that time of the month, your hormones get the better of you and you just seem to get angry at every living object that you encounter. Even though you scream, nag or even complain, he understands that it’s that time of the month and doesn’t need to say anything unnecessary. In fact, he’s probably the one who’s got you all figured out and trying to comfort you during those few weeks of cramping and hormonal imbalances.

You Get Along on Almost Everything

When you’re in sync, it just seems like you have this strange telepathic link that tells you what the other person wants. You became best friends for a reason – you get along well. It’s often that two people become friends because they have the same taste in music, games and more. You won’t have to worry about clashing tastes as well since your best friend will openly accept what you find entertaining as you would too.


Your Fights Don’t Last Much

They say fighting is essential for a healthy relationship. It’s the truth. However, also remember that there are times that you get into fights with your best friend as well. What’s the catch? These fights don’t last much and they don’t even get dirty compared to the fights that other couples have. Fighting isn’t a bad thing as long as you settle them afterwards. But fighting with your best friend is different. And sometimes, they often get to the point that fighting becomes teasing instead.

He Knows How to Treat You

Of all the other guys you’ve dated in the past, you really want to find someone who treats you right. That guy may not be so far off since it might just be actually your best friend. Who knows? There are a lot of possibilities. But your best friend knows what makes you click and knows how to get on your good side since they know you by heart.

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