Choosing Plants for Your Garden in Amarillo, Texas

Choosing Plants for Your Garden in Amarillo, Texas

Gardening in Amarillo, Texas can be a challenging feat that requires planning, effort, and a significant amount patience before you can build a beautiful garden that can bring color to the brown landscape of Amarillo. Choosing the right plants to use in your garden is vital because the characteristics of Amarillo’s environment pose some problems for various plants.

You have to take note of a number of factors when it comes to plants like their survivability, nutrition, management, and other factors that can tell you if they’re suitable for Amarillo’s semi-arid environment. Some plants are more suitable to certain environments, and knowing what plants are appropriate to utilize in Amarillo can lead to either disastrous results that may cost you money and time, or a magnificent experience that rewards you with a uniquely colorful garden.

Here are just some things to take note of when you start to choose the plants that you are going to use in building your own garden in Amarillo:


Texas has its own share of heat and drought, making it a rather harsh environment for raising plants. You have to know whether or not the plants you choose are capable of surviving, not only the intense heat of Amarillo, but also the unpredictable climate extremes as Amarillo also experiences blizzards during winter. Be sure to choose plants that can handle the heat during the summer or the fierce cold during the winter.

Water Consumption

Some plants require a significant amount of water to thrive while some plants only require a little. You should also take in mind what plants can take only a limited amount of water as in Amarillo, water is a valuable resource that locals try to conserve. Choosing plants that require a lot of water to survive will not only cost a lot of money, but it may also affect the other residents as well.
Amarillo has a limited water source because of its climate conditions and how it has experienced drought, and the summer days with low humidity. With this, the local residents have begun promoting water conservation campaigns for the city. Be sure to take this into consideration as beginning the establishment of a garden, even if it is just within your own home, will not only affect you, but also the region of Amarillo too.

Soil Composition

Before you go ahead and purchase the seeds and the plants that you need, you might want to study a bit on Amarillo’s soil. You have to take note that the region is generally flat in composition and the soil has little drainage, causing rainfall to seep into the ground, accumulate within dry lakes, or just simply evaporate because of the heat. Knowing this, you have to know what kind of plants can thrive within dry soil.


Amarillo has a semi-arid climate which does not help a lot in maintaining the natural nutritive composition of the soil. Rainfall is not abundant compared to other regions, making the soil dry and arid. With these conditions, you have to understand how to manage your garden, knowing that the soil contains limited resources for plants to grow and whether it’s necessary to use fertilizers to help the growth and cultivation of plants.


It is common knowledge that planting the same kind of plants or crops in the soil will drain its nutritive composition. Given how Amarillo’s soil is not abundantly fertile compared to those of other states, you need to manage and cycle planting if you want to keep the longevity of your garden. It is a wise move if you decide on planting different kinds of flowers, shrubs, or even small crops, to maintain the nourishment of the soil.


Building a garden, not just in Amarillo, but anywhere may require you to use a variety of plants to make it into a beautiful sight. Some plants compete with each other when it comes to nutrition, rendering the weaker species to die out. When choosing plants, make sure to consult your local horticulturists or agriculturists to know what plants are compatible with each other when they grow in the same patch of land.


Knowing your available resources also takes into account when you plan on choosing the plants you are going to utilize when you are going to create your own home garden. Each variety of plant has a different price, like for shrubs, small trees, flowering plants, crops, vines, and bushes. You need to know the budget that you need for the plants you’re going to use as the plants won’t be the only thing that you are going to be spending on.



A home garden won’t just pop out immediately the day after you finish cleaning, landscaping, and furnishing the site of your potential garden. Once you establish the soil and start planting, you need to continue maintaining the plants that you used to keep your garden fresh and alive.


Investing your patience also takes into account when it comes to choosing the plants that you plan on utilizing in your home garden. Certain varieties of plants only take days or weeks to see them thrive and grow, while other may take up to months to grow. You’re going to have to wait for awhile and focus on raising them as raising plants is no easy task.

Choosing the plants you are going to be using in your home garden can be difficult. You need to take into account a number of things that concern the environment, your resources, and how you are going to keep maintaining the life in your home garden. You can also consult a number of people, like horticulturists, botanists, agriculturists, and experienced gardeners, in choosing the plants that you want to use in making your garden.

The seemingly harsh environment of Amarillo makes it hard for most to begin making their own home garden. Gardening in Amarillo might pose an incredible challenge, but choosing the right plants will not only result into a beautiful home garden, but also a very rewarding experience. Discover more

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