Repairing Skylight Leaks

Repairing Skylight Leaks

Skylights add an excellent source of lighting that’s natural and environmentally friendly. You don’t even need to spend a dime in terms of energy costs since you’ll be getting it from the sun itself. It adds a unique blend of style because of its design and there’s a refreshing air that it brings to your home. However, there comes a time when leaks can happen to your skylight. It’s an annoying problem and can potentially bring further damage if left alone. How do you take care of skylight leaks?

Assess the Leak

First, you have to check and inspect where the leak comes from. Take a good look whether or not you’ve only mistaken the condensation on the skylight’s surface as a leak. If you’re positive that there is indeed a leak occurring, you need to locate where it’s coming from so that you’ll get an idea how to make repairs.

Completely Seal the Skylight

Sometimes, skylights can leak because they’re not completely closed. In assessing for leaks, be sure to completely close the skylight first so that you don’t mistake it for a leak. Doing this also assesses whether or not the skylight closes completely which can be a source of the supposed leak.

Analyze the Cause of the Leak

If you’re positive that there is a leak in your skylight, follow its direction so that you’ll know its location. Check the glass panel and make sure it’s not cracked or broken. Check on the borders of the skylight which may be damaged or dented which can let water seep through. Check for any holes or cracks on the skylight which may the culprits for the leak.


Conduct Repairs if Possible

Once you’ve located the leak, you can take the steps in making repairs. Broken glass in skylights is usually taken care of by professionals but you can also do this yourself by purchasing the proper size of the glass panel and installing it yourself. If there are any loose hinges, holes, cracks or gaps, make the necessary repairs by replacing certain parts or applying sealants which can provide a quick and immediate remedy for that leak.

Contact Professionals for Help

If your attempts in repair fail, you can contact professional help and they can do the repairs for you. Since you’ve assessed the damage yourself, it will be easy for contractors to work on the problem and fix the leak on your skylight.

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